Tuesday, October 28

Euphemism - Draenei Priest

I created this priest using the refer a friend program and im really having a good time playing it, its really nice for people like me who doesnt have enough time to level a new toon again, i made it from 0 to 60 in like 2 days /played, was pretty fun, and i got this nice mount and the friend i refered gave my shammy like 30 free levels, now we are working in another toon, im leveling a druid and at leel 59 he will game my shammy the rest of the levels to get him to level 60 so that would be like 4 chars including my pally and 5 when the Exp comes out since im gonna make a DK too :D


Heres my priest in action and the UI im using with this toon, i really like it :D


Monday, October 20

Shadow resist gear about to be dust?

How long should i wait untill i disenchant my shadow resist gear?

Image: right before Illidan @ Black Temple

Im still farming my t6 shoulders that wont ever drop, but should i keep my shadow resist gear once the Wrath comes out?

But in general, it hurts a lot when the new exp is around the corner and you have gear you know you wont use anymore, i actually disenchanted all my protection gear and all my retribution gear(im gonna level as holy), i only keeped the weapons since they look so nice. But at this point of the game, i disenchanted my mp5 gear and my haste set, now i only keep my main set wich is some T6 and T5 pieces with the rest of items from Hyjal/BT, all this time farming them and now they are just some voids cristals im gonna sell in the AH, but at least i have the memories and the good time i spent doing those fights whit Carnage(Ner'zhul) and Six Sigma(Ragnaros).

Hallows End!!

Another Hallow's End @ WoW and it just gets better.


Another cool world event in azeroth where you can get customs, candies, items, mounts and fun with your friends!!!


The Headless Horseman in Scarlet Monastery now drops a new mount similar to the mount dropped by the 1st boss in Karazhan, but i haven't seen it drop yet in 3 days doing the not so scary boss, i hope i can get it, because it looks awesome.

Friday, October 17

Albino Drake!!

After 15 mins of doing quests in Dun Morogh to reach to 21000 rep points i got exalted with Ironforge and buyed the last 6 mounts i needed to get the 50 mounts achievement and instantly i got an in game mail with this Albino Drake flying mount.
So cool.

Albino Drake

Thursday, October 16

Leading the Cavalry

You can get an Albino Drake by completing the 'Leading the Cavalry' achievement.
I'm only 7 mounts shy from that achievement ^^(need to farm some rep in Darna and Ironforge).

50 Mounts!!!!

PD: Loving my new UI.