Monday, October 20

Shadow resist gear about to be dust?

How long should i wait untill i disenchant my shadow resist gear?

Image: right before Illidan @ Black Temple

Im still farming my t6 shoulders that wont ever drop, but should i keep my shadow resist gear once the Wrath comes out?

But in general, it hurts a lot when the new exp is around the corner and you have gear you know you wont use anymore, i actually disenchanted all my protection gear and all my retribution gear(im gonna level as holy), i only keeped the weapons since they look so nice. But at this point of the game, i disenchanted my mp5 gear and my haste set, now i only keep my main set wich is some T6 and T5 pieces with the rest of items from Hyjal/BT, all this time farming them and now they are just some voids cristals im gonna sell in the AH, but at least i have the memories and the good time i spent doing those fights whit Carnage(Ner'zhul) and Six Sigma(Ragnaros).

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