Tuesday, October 28

Euphemism - Draenei Priest

I created this priest using the refer a friend program and im really having a good time playing it, its really nice for people like me who doesnt have enough time to level a new toon again, i made it from 0 to 60 in like 2 days /played, was pretty fun, and i got this nice mount and the friend i refered gave my shammy like 30 free levels, now we are working in another toon, im leveling a druid and at leel 59 he will game my shammy the rest of the levels to get him to level 60 so that would be like 4 chars including my pally and 5 when the Exp comes out since im gonna make a DK too :D


Heres my priest in action and the UI im using with this toon, i really like it :D


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Anonymous said...

Grats on buying ur 3 pieces of tier 6 on scarlet crusade server to Gm Kadorf of Eternal guild awesome progress...and ur bear mount 13k gold spend on a single and easily farmed mount.. and the best of all with gold lended from other people QQ...